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The Cuban Exile Archive serves as an immersive visual history project of firsthand experiences from pre-revolution Cuba, the poignant tales of exile, and the impactful contributions made by Cuban exiles in the United States and around the globe.

Cuban Exile Archive

Our interviews capture personal journeys from life in Cuba to exile, offering crucial insights into heritage and historical context. These narratives foster a bridge from past to present, providing a learning platform for communities to better understand their history.


Accessible online, through interactive installations, and a documentary, we aim to make these vital stories endure, inspiring future generations with the resilience and spirit of the Cuban exile community.


We are seeking individuals who have firsthand experiences of pre-revolution Cuba and life in exile to participate in an interview for this project.

Ready to share your unique story and be part of history? Complete the form below to be considered for participation in our immersive history project. By capturing the unique experiences of pre-revolution Cuba and life in exile; it can help enlighten and educate future generations. 

Share Your Story with the World

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